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The okinawa islands in japan are essentially a substantial reef made up of sango marine coral. When it rains, the water seeps through the coral mountains, removing big quantities of minerals and micronutrient. These can eventually be discovered in drinking water. With a ph worth of 8-8.5, this is extremely basic and compensates for an excessively high acid material. The sango marine coral goes through the strictest policies. They are collected on the seabed under the strictest guidance. Only fossil parts that have already removed from the reefs are eliminated. Thus, the sango marine coral is also suitable for vegetarians and vegans. The calcium and magnesium elements can be utilized particularly well by the human body. (1 )

What is the trick of health and durability?

For a long period of time in japan it is thought about an excellent success to marry a local of the islands of okinawa and tokunoshima, located in the south of the japanese island chain. They are identified by their fantastic health, exceptional genetics, gave from generation to generation, and incredible longevity. Kids born to the residents of these islands, even living in another area, usually do not suffer from diathesis or allergies, which is surprising even for urbanized japan. There are 40 times more long-livers on these islands (those over 100 years old) than officially signed up ones.

Given that 1940, scientists and doctors have been monitoring the inhabitants of the islands of okinawa and tokunoshima. Life span on these islands is 10-15 years higher than throughout japan. Data reveal that illness of the musculoskeletal system, stroke, cancer, arthritis, intestinal, skin, heart diseases are much less typical here than in other regions of japan. The people of these islands seldom get sick at all.

In 1980, the administration of the guinness institute, which publishes the guinness book, sent the editor-in-chief to the island of okinawa (japan). For an interview with the oldest occupant of the planet. Mr. Shigshio izumi, at 115 years of ages, was joyful, healthy and in a great mood. This man led an active way of life and worked up until he was 105! Mr. Izumi passed away of natural causes in 1986 at the age of 121, and he is no exception. There are a lot of centenarians on this island. All of these individuals are in health and lead an active lifestyle.

Long research led to a remarkable discovery – it’s all about the living water that the occupants of these islands consume. It was found that the islands of okinawa are surrounded by reefs made from the special sango coral. Drinking water is filtered by these corals and saturated with ions of minerals and micronutrient essential for people (74 in total), and in the right proportion developed by nature itself.

Analyzes have actually shown that drinking water in the city of naga (okinawa prefecture) has the highest content of calcium and magnesium in ionic type, not just in japan, but also worldwide. According to researchers, it is the ionic calcium and magnesium consisted of in coral water that help reduce the effects of excess acidity in the body, which is the outcome of stress, alcohol, nicotine, salt, sugar, meat, dairy and fish products. They reinforce bone structures, protecting them from arthritis and osteoporosis. Sea milk – this is how the japanese call their special coral water.

Sango corals are the only coral types of 2,500 discovered in the world’s oceans and are discovered just around the japanese island of okinawa. The structure and chemical composition of sango corals is very comparable to that of human bones. (2 ).

Uses & efficiency

Potentially efficient for …

Usage as a surgical replacement for bone. Coral can be used in place of bone for spinal fusions and bone tumors. It can likewise be utilized in dental, facial, and other surgical treatments. Coral provides some advantages over bone transplants. It has a lower rate of infection and does not bring the risk of transferring aids, hepatitis, or creutzfeldt-jakob disease.

Insufficient proof to rate effectiveness for …

  • Calcium supplement.
  • Dealing with several sclerosis.
  • Treating and avoiding cancer, heart problem, and other chronic health problems.
  • Other conditions. (3 )


Coral calcium health advantages cover multiple generations.

The benefits of coral calcium can cover several generations. If you believe that only children and ladies over 50 need calcium, reconsider. The nationwide osteoporosis structure approximates that the average adult in the u.s. Gets only 500 to 700 mg per day. The fda suggests grownups 50 and younger requirement 1,000 mg a day, and those over 50 need 1,200 mg.

The calcium benefits of coral calcium apply to males too.

This isn’t a product just for females with osteoporosis. Guys are just as calcium lacking according to scientific findings.

Calcium likewise plays an important role in contraction– even in the heart.

In addition to developing strong bones and teeth, calcium also plays a crucial function in contraction– even in the heart. Several studies suggest that low dietary intake of calcium can result in an increased danger of establishing high blood pressure and heart disease. In a taiwanese research study of coral calcium health benefits, calcium was even shown to have a protective effect versus both gastric and colorectal cancers.

Calcium may help women with pms symptoms.

Coral calcium benefits ladies when they are struggling with cramps and irritation.

Research studies reveal coral calcium benefits metabolic process.

Calcium might likewise impact metabolic process. According to a current university of tennessee research study using mice, calcium appears to control how fat cells work. Mice getting one of the most calcium produced 51 percent less fat and broke down fat tissue three to 5 times faster. This leads to them getting 40 percent less weight than their calcium deficient equivalents.

Coral calcium advantages bone health.

Now that’s a lot of health benefits! But let’s focus on calcium and bone health. This is where calcium makes its most extensive effect.

Our bodies’ continuous remodeling procedures re-absorb and replace about 20 percent of our bone every year. When dietary consumption is inadequate, calcium is removed from our bones to make up for the loss in our bloodstream. This calcium shortage then causes osteoporosis. This actually equates to “porous bones.” This condition can end up being serious and result in bones that break under the weight of the body. There are often a few ideas that you might have this condition. Symptoms are frequently absent up until fractures happen.

Calcium consumption throughout early adulthood ensures bone density.

Getting enough calcium in early the adult years is crucial to guaranteeing that bones reach their maximum density. As we age our bodies end up being less efficient at absorbing calcium. Fortunately is that it’s never too late to begin taking coral calcium supplements. Slowing bone loss and raising bone density starts with appropriate coral calcium supplements.

Coral calcium is an abundant source of calcium– especially for those over 50.

Calcium is the most plentiful mineral in the human body. It likewise has some of the most intricate interactions with almost every other mineral in the world. You may be able to source calcium from certain foods. Nevertheless, unsustainable farming practices have actually resulted in mineral material in u.s. Soils. This now suggests that there is considerably less natural mineral content left in our food.

Easy absorption suggests more nutrients for your body.

Since coral calcium consists of a more broken down kind of calcium, it’s simpler to take in than other calcium supplements. This is essential for those over 50 who are less able to soak up nutrients. Coral calcium’s digestibility likewise makes it distinct. Your body more readily accepts coral calcium because of its easily absorbable ionic kind. Coral complex’s superior assimilation properties make it among the very best coral powder calcium supplements on the marketplace.

The last secret to getting the optimum bone health benefits of coral calcium is in finding a quality supplement. You’ll likewise want to speak with your doctor and look for appropriate medical advice before taking any dietary supplements. (4 ).


Amongst the most typically reported coral calcium advantages are longer life, better health, and resistance to disease. The capability to regrow body cells is likewise a supposed advantage of coral calcium. Lots of producers claim that calcium from coral reefs can be entirely taken in by the body, making it more beneficial than calcium from other sources. Other nutritionists counter that, stating just about 40 percent of coral calcium is absorbed by human bodies. Diseases that can purportedly be cured or dealt with by coral calcium consist of alzheimer’s illness and cardiovascular disease. Some reports claim coral calcium will likewise lower threat of cancer and diabetes. Weight loss, more powerful bones, and lowered high blood pressure are additional coral calcium benefits reported by individuals who’ve supplemented their diet plans with the nutrient. The us federal trade commission (ftc), however, has asserted that these coral calcium advantages have actually not been proven by clinical trials and should not exist to consumers as facts.

Coral reefs produce limestone byproducts from which coral calcium is produced. The calcium is a combination of calcium carbonate and different minerals such as magnesium. To gain the touted coral calcium benefits, many individuals take a powdered form of the supplement daily by mixing it in a liquid, such as fruit juice. Others take capsules filled with crushed coral calcium.

Backers of coral calcium claim that each specific requirements various amounts of the supplement based on their personal ph level. Many nutritionists peg the suggested dosage at 2000 mg to 2,500 mg a day, divided into 4 or five little dosages. Medical professionals state the body can not use more than approximately 500 mg of coral calcium at a time and that taking large amounts at one time will result in the majority of it not being soaked up. (5 ).

The bare realities about coral calcium

Advertisers and commercials claim that coral calcium can enhance bones, promote weight-loss, and potentially remedy over 200 diseases. And think what? Consumers are buying it. According to spins, a san francisco-based market research firm, within the past year, coral calcium has evolved into a $6.5 million dollar company.

Coral calcium sales skyrocketed as customers learned of the remarkable health and longevity of people residing on the japanese islands of okinawa, where drinking water is abundant in calcium originated from the surrounding reef.

2 books, the calcium factor: the clinical trick of health and youth, and death by diet plan, both by robert r. Barefoot, grew in popularity, promoting coral calcium as a natural method to keep health and conquer degenerative illness. Low ph levels in the body are disease culprits, the author keeps, and coral calcium can raise ph, hence preventing numerous diseases that are so prevalent in our culture.

Coral calcium, sometimes marketed as calcite or aragonite, is touted as having exceptional absorption. Other websites proclaim coral calcium’s wonderful 2:1 ratio, which refers to its structure of 20 percent calcium and 10 percent magnesium.

The reality

Studies suggest that okinawans most likely owe their health and durability to their diet plan, which is rich in veggies, grains and fish, an active lifestyle, and strong familial ties throughout their lives. Low levels of pollution could also contribute.

As barefoot, in some cases described as dr. Barefoot or dr. Robert barefoot, ph.d., avidly promotes coral calcium, he fails to point out that all calcium supplements can raise ph levels, not just coral calcium. For that reason, coral calcium is no various than any other type of calcium supplement in this regard. In addition, barefoot is not a medical physician and has actually not made a ph.d

. When it comes to coral calcium’s remarkable absorption, there is no dependable evidence showing that coral calcium is anymore easily absorbed than calcium carbonate.

Some professionals do think a 2:1 ratio of calcium to magnesium is ideal, however this issue stays a controversial one. Beliefs differ on just how much magnesium is optimal in calcium or whether there should be any magnesium in calcium supplements at all.

According to gayle nicholas scott, pharm.d., there is no scientific proof that coral calcium can impact the body’s ph, or that it is soaked up any better than other calcium supplements. It is likewise doubtful whether magnesium material provides any additional health advantages. Many academic experts, mainstream and alternative doctors, and even dietary supplement agents agree with scott’s conclusions.

Others have actually expressed issue that coral calcium might set off hives, breathing difficulties or swelling in those allergic to shellfish, as coral reefs typically house such organisms.

” coral calcium is not likely to use much better total ‘calcium-health’ advantages than other kinds of calcium,” writes takuo fujita, m.d., creator of japan’s calcium research study institute, and previous president of japan’s osteoporosis foundation. “coral calcium is a supplement of sensible quality. Other calciums have actually demonstrated better activity.”.

calcium is calcium,” states ellen guthrie, pharm.d. “but the body must have appropriate vitamin d in order to absorb it. So, if you are taking calcium, make sure that you are getting an adequate quantity of vitamin d. Numerous over-the-counter calcium products have vitamin d added. Another option is to take a multivitamin.” (6 ).

Negative effects and safety measures

Coral calcium is typically thought about safe. Still, you must keep a few downsides in mind.


Reef may be infected with heavy metals like mercury or lead. As such, it’s best to prevent coral calcium sourced from highly polluted waters.

Moreover, you may want to research study which determines a manufacturer has actually taken, if any, to guarantee that contaminant levels in its supplements stay low.

Threats of extreme intake

Ingesting high amounts of coral calcium might trigger hypercalcemia, which is defined by excessively high levels of calcium in the blood. This condition may result in health problems, especially in your heart and kidneys.

High calcium consumption may likewise be connected to an increased risk of heart disease and prostate cancer. However, more research study is needed.

Digestion and absorption

Coral calcium supplements might likewise trigger digestive issues, such as gas, bloating, and irregularity.

In addition, taking coral calcium with food may reduce your body’s capability to take in nutrients like iron and zinc.

Allergic reaction

Severe allergies to coral calcium seem unusual.

However, look for instant medical attention if you experience a rash, hives, serious lightheadedness, difficulty breathing, or swelling of the mouth, lips, tongue, throat, or face after taking in coral calcium.

Dose and how to take it

Due to restricted research study, there’s no recommended dosage for coral calcium.

Based on information offered from other types of calcium supplements, does might range from 600– 2,000 mg each day.

You can take this supplement with or without food. Taking it with food might decrease the probability of an indigestion however lower your body’s capability to absorb nutrients like iron and zinc.

Taking coral calcium with vitamin d might boost calcium absorption.

Research study is blended on whether taking smaller sized, more frequent dosages of calcium alone– instead of along with other minerals– makes the most of absorption.


Overdosing on coral calcium might result in excessively high blood calcium levels, or hypercalcemia, which might cause heart and kidney problems.

The safe daily upper consumption level (ul) for calcium is 2,500 mg per day for adults under the age of 50 and 2,000 mg per day for those 50 or older. The ul increases to 2,500– 3,000 mg each day if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, depending upon your age.

These uls are based upon a combined calcium intake from foods and supplements. That stated, excess calcium intake from supplements are thought about more bothersome.

Symptoms of hypercalcemia consist of bad hunger, frequent urination, unexplained weight-loss, fatigue, and an irregular heart beat.


Calcium supplements, including coral calcium, might interact with numerous medications, such as antibiotics, diuretics, anti-seizure medication, and medications to deal with bone or paget’s illness.

Depending on the medication, you might need to wait a particular quantity of time after medicating before you supplement with coral calcium. Those currently taking any kind of medication must consult their healthcare provider for guidance prior to starting to take coral calcium supplements.

Storage and handling

Very little research study is readily available concerning the very best way to store and manage coral calcium.

Still, manufacturers usually advise that it be kept at space temperature, in a dry area, and far from direct sunlight.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

No studies have actually analyzed the safety of coral calcium during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Kidney stone danger is typically elevated during pregnancy, and excess calcium consumption may further increase this risk. Similarly, excess calcium intake while breastfeeding is connected with heart and kidney problems and may increase your risk of hypercalcemia.

If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, no proof currently suggests that you benefit from calcium supplements– including coral calcium– if you already get enough of this mineral from your diet.

Moreover, coral calcium supplements are in some cases polluted with toxins like mercury and lead, which might be handed down to your child.

In such circumstances, coral calcium might provide more risks than advantages. If you don’t satisfy your day-to-day requirements for this mineral from food alone, you may want to choose a different kind of calcium supplement.

Use in specific populations

Due to limited research study, strong recommendations on the security of coral calcium supplements in particular populations do not exist.

Although more research studies are required, a high calcium intake might be connected to an increased threat of heart problem and prostate cancer.

Hypercalcemia triggered by excess calcium consumption from supplements might likewise trigger heart issues, kidney stones, and impaired kidney function. Hence, people with preexisting heart or kidney issues might wish to prevent all calcium supplements, consisting of coral calcium.

Coral calcium is in some cases said to protect versus particular cancers, but research is mixed– with some research studies even recommending a higher cancer risk.

More research study recommends that coral calcium may combat arthritis and parkinson’s illness. Yet, these advantages appear to be linked to specific substances in soft corals, which vary from the difficult corals utilized to make coral calcium supplements. More studies are needed.


The two most common alternatives to coral calcium are calcium carbonate and calcium citrate. Calcium carbonate supplements consist of the exact same kind of calcium discovered in coral calcium but normally do not have the additional magnesium and trace element. They’re the least expensive and most easily available kind however are best taken with food.

Calcium citrate is soaked up equally well when taken with or without food. It’s typically recommended to people with low levels of stomach acid, inflammatory bowel disease (ibd), or other gut disorders.

Other forms of calcium utilized in supplements or foods include calcium gluconate, calcium lactate, and calcium phosphate.

Speak to your healthcare provider for recommendations on which kind of calcium, if any, is best for you. (7 ).

Bottom line

Coral calcium complex is a supplement used by just natural, a company specializing in selling distinct vitamins and organic supplements to make sure ideal help for their customers.

It is a natural, vegetarian formula designed to support calcium and mineral absorption. The sango coral calcium is thought to produce excellent advantages on bones and joints, teeth, calcium heart, energy production, blood coagulation, and immune function.

Nevertheless, only natural’s formula has actually not been examined by the fda. It is advised to use preventative measures by particular categories of people (pregnant and breast feeding ladies, individuals with known medical conditions and/or under any other medication). (8 ).

Although coral calcium may not be the panacea it is purported to be, acknowledge that these minerals are really essential to our health. (9 ).

Our four decades of experience has actually consistently shown that coral generally falls under two classifications, depending on the relative content of naturally occurring calcium and magnesium. We collect the coral, test it, and divide it into either coral calcium powder (ccp) or sango mineral powder (smp).

Ccp: the majority of the fossilized coral we discover includes approximately 34% calcium and 1.5% magnesium. We powder samples matching these portions into ccp.

Smp: in particular areas on the ocean flooring, we locate fossilized marine coral that has the rare– and ideal– balance of calcium and magnesium in a 2:1 ratio. This fossilized coral is powdered to produce smp. (10 ).


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