Green-Lipped Mussel

Green-lipped mussel is a nutritional supplement drawn from a type of mussel native to New Zealand. We do not actually comprehend how it works, but it contains omega-3 fatty acids, which have anti-inflammatory and joint-protecting properties. Evidence suggests that it might be of some use to individuals with osteoarthritis when brought with paracetamol or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (nsaids). It’s not effective in dealing with rheumatoid arthritis.

Household: Nutritional supplement

Taxonomic name: Perna canaliculus

Other names: New Zealand mussel, greenshell mussel, Seaton ®, GLM, Lyprinol
®. Green-lipped mussel is a dietary supplement taken from perna canaliculus, a bivalve mollusc (mussel) belonging to New Zealand. You can buy it from high-street merchants. (1 ).

Green-lipped mussels are packed with nutrients

The green-lipped mussel is a staple food of the indigenous Māori people of New Zealand’s coasts.

Interest in the mussel’s possible health benefits began in the early 1970s and originated from the observation that Māori people had a lower incidence of arthritis than people who lived inland.

It was later figured out that the mussels were an abundant source of anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids, especially eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).

Furthermore, researchers have actually identified other kinds of fats from the mussels. They might also possess anti-inflammatory effects by inhibiting enzymes and proteins that produce swelling and discomfort.

Similarly, green lipped-mussels consist of chondroitin sulfate, a part of connective tissues like joints and bones that might minimize inflammation in the same way.

In addition to these anti-inflammatory nutrients, the mussels are an excellent source of zinc and an exceptional source of iron, selenium, and several B-vitamins. (2 ).

System of Action

An active ingredient in GLM is furan fats (F-acids). These are natural– however rare and really potent– anti-oxidants. F-acids are fats often discovered in algae may describe their anti-inflammatory homes and be among the main factor GLM is useful. (Another of GLM’s active ingredients lyprinol, a lipid extract, has residential or commercial properties similar to other omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, which may assist, too.).

Furan fats are omega-3 fats, like those in fish oil, which inhibit 5′- lipoxygenase and cyclo-oxygenase pathways, comparable to anti-inflammatory medications, however without the side effects. The biochemical paths obstructed are accountable for the production of leukotrienes and prostaglandins, both chemicals which cause swelling.

For those scientifically inclined, this explains why GLM might be a helpful tool for asthma, osteoarthritis, and other inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis. GLM also has a helpful result on the gut microbiome.

Green Lipped Mussel is a Prebiotic

There are numerous health advantages to prebiotics. A practical food or supplement consumed by advantageous gut bacteria, probiotics help enhance the gut microbiome. According to studies, GLM functions as a nutrient for advantageous gut germs, which when consumed, encourages these healthy germs to produce short-chain fats (scfas), compounds which exert various advantageous effects throughout the body. This enhanced state assists the body attain balance, or homeostasis, permitting the body to operate at optimum levels and lower systemic swelling.


Asthma is a reversible inflammatory lung disease that takes place when the muscles surrounding the lung tissues constrict. During an asthma attack, it is hard to breathe.

Worldwide, 300 million individuals are impacted with asthma while almost 250,000 people pass away from the condition each year. During an asthma attack, an individual may experience symptoms like wheezing, coughing, and shortness of breath. Particular triggers, together with respiratory infections or, sometimes, allergies to pollen or animal dander, can cause an attack. Weight problems, specified in those with a body mass index of 30 or more, doubles a person’s threat for establishing asthma.

There is also a type of asthma referred to as exercise-induced asthma (EIA), which happens throughout physical activity. Those who have this kind of asthma often need to use their medications before or during workout in order to breathe easily. There are natural techniques to asthma one can take, and GLM is one that some discover beneficial.

GLM can be practical in decreasing asthma symptoms, according to a 2002 study. Even more, according to a 2013 research study, GLM could be handy in reducing wheezing and shortness of breath, permitting those affected a decreased need for their rescue inhalers. If you are on medications, speak with your doctor prior to stopping any medications.


Osteoarthritis usually results from general “wear and tear” of the joints. It occurs due to the destruction of cartilage, which acts as a cushion that covers the bone. Early indications of osteoarthritis may start when a person is around 40 years old and can progress as one ages. The joints can be tender but are rarely swollen.

Joint trauma, at any age, can also cause osteoarthritis in the affected joint. When my boy Joshua was in the sixth grade, he broke his elbow playing basketball. He underwent surgical treatment to have actually a pin positioned, so the bone could be put back in place. At age 20, he has a mild kind of arthritis in his elbow joint. This prevails for numerous who have ever had joint-related trauma. The discomfort and stiffness are frequently worse during winter, when achiness may increase.

A 2000 research study showed GLM’s anti-inflammatory impacts in those with arthritis, and total safety when compared to nsaids.

A 2008 study compared lyprinol, an extract from GLM, to naproxen and olive oil. Utilizing rodents with arthritis, scientists showed the GLM extract was much better at reducing inflammation. A 2012 research study of 80 clients with osteoarthritis, over a 12-week period, did disappoint a significant decrease in arthritis-related discomfort using a standardized pain scale, however researchers did note that those on the GLM utilized less acetaminophen (paracetamol), suggesting they had slightly less discomfort. A 2018 research study likewise demonstrated GLM’s advantage in reducing osteoarthritis pain. I have actually likewise come across reports of GLM being offered to pet dogs with arthritis. The reports have actually agreed with revealing pets feel better when taking this anti-inflammatory. It appears that both people, and our aged family pets, can both take advantage of nature’s anti-inflammatories.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is the result of an autoimmune condition in which the immune system assaults the lining of the joints. This results in the damage of the cartilage and can happen at any age. There is even a form called juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (JRA), which as the name suggests, can affect kids. It begins over the course of a few weeks or months with morning stiffness usually continuing for more than an hour. Lots of patients will have associated intestinal tract problems and, overall, may feel fatigued and weak.

Due to GLM’s anti-inflammatory impact, it has been proposed in research studies that this supplement can be beneficial in lowering inflammation in those with rheumatoid arthritis. A 2000 case study reported on a client with rheumatoid arthritis who gained from GLM supplementation, while a 2007 study in BMC Complementary and Natural medicine suggested that GLM could be a beneficial supplement in those with rheumatoid arthritis. To date, the quantity of studies is restricted and certain advantage can not be recommended until more research is done. There is no proof of damage.

Muscle Pains

Muscle aches are a typical symptom of those who participate in sports, routine workout and in those who work performing manual work. Often, one will take anti-inflammatory medications and even muscle relaxers. However, side effects such as stomach pain, peptic ulcer disease and sleepiness limit their use. Many prefer natural options.

While magnesium is a decent option for muscle spasms, GLM can be thought about to assist muscle discomfort according to a 2015 study. A 2013 research study demonstrated that long-distance runners who took a green lipped mussel supplement had actually lowered muscle pain compared to those who did not. This is an excellent supplement to contribute to your cabinet if you are physically active.


Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a common condition affecting children, teenagers, and even grownups. Present treatment concentrates on behavioral therapy, diet plan changes, and when that is not sufficient prescription medication. Numerous moms and dads are concerned about drug therapy as stimulants are often the class of medications selected. These medications have adverse effects and can raise high blood pressure, reduce hunger, and often affect personality in undesirable ways.

Natural therapies are regularly looked for to help offer one an one-upmanship. Research studies have noted that those with ADHD tend to have lower levels of vital fats in their blood. As a result, treatment with such is considered.

A 2017 study of 144 kids provided half with a proprietary mix of green lipped mussel and the other half with a placebo tablet. The kids were followed for 14 weeks. Based on the results, the scientists concluded that GLM might work in minimizing hyperactivity and inattention in kids with ADHD. This result follows other studies, including a meta-analysis study supporting essential fatty acids benefit in the treatment of those with ADHD signs. Due to glms general safety profile, this supplement is frequently considered. (3 ).

The manufacturing process of Green Lipped Mussels

Green lipped mussels were harvested from the New Zealand shoreline manually up until 1960 when the need grew. Because, the Japanese longline system of harvesting entered result. This method includes a longline being cast out into the open waters. The green lipped mussels find, attach and grow on the line and whilst growing, they need no food except the beautiful clear New Zealand waters.

During the 1970’s, green lipped mussels were greatly harvested and shipped to the USA. In 1981, these large shipments stopped overnight due to stringent drug legislation laws coming into impact. After this, the mussels have given that been harvested and frozen and are now legal safe to ship, which rapidly ended up being the prime export method.

Once gathered from the waters, the mussels can only live for a couple of hours so throughout this time the mussels are processed for freezing and after that sent throughout the world for supplement use.

The growing and harvesting process is all natural, sustainable and similarly great for the environment. To be made into a supplement, the contents of the green lipped mussel is extracted, freeze dried, ground and put into a capsule. There are no toxins or chemicals consumed or contributed to the mussels prior to export.

New Zealand Trade and Enterprise consider green lipped mussel extract to be one of the most efficient natural anti-inflammatory and joint supplements available. It is now shipped to over 80 countries and the world’s most significant markets.

Composition of Green Lipped Mussel

Green lipped mussel supplements are made up of a number of active anti-inflammatory ingredients, just the same as raw green lipped mussels. The main active homes are glycoproteins, omega-3 fats and furan fatty acids.

It also includes essential minerals and vitamins that are beneficial for joint conditions which includes vitamin C and E, zinc, copper and selenium. All chemicals, vitamins and minerals contribute to joint and bone health.

Glycoproteins are proteins that have sugars connected to them. These sugars are the active part which works to lower joint inflammation. They are likewise studied and shown to have advantages for the immune system as they increase response and reactiveness to lower the efficiency of bad germs and foreign invaders.

The necessary omega-3 fatty acids likewise have anti-inflammatory results, which helps reduce swelling and can inhibit swelling and conditions like osteoarthritis happening in the first place.

Research study found that green lipped mussels likewise consist of other active anti-inflammatory ingredients which are docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). These become part of the omega-3 fats normally discovered in fish oil and hold lots of advantages for inflammation of the body, consisting of the eyes, bowels, brain and heart. Your body can only make a percentage of these fats so it is important to consume them from other sources, like green lipped mussel supplements.

There is likewise an acid that is not found in many marine types and oil called eicosatetraenoic acid (ETA), which reduces the production of cyclooxygenase, an enzyme which affects swelling. This acid assists the decline and slow development of pain, inflammation of joints to help movement.

The concentration of the acids found in green lipped mussels is greater than other marine oils, therefore you need less of them to reap the benefits.

Green lipped mussels also include furan fatty acids which help prevent the production of immune chemicals which trigger inflammation. Furan fatty acids are an antioxidant that have been clinically evaluated for their anti-inflammation benefits and are shown to be effective.

Its makeup of minerals, vitamins, omega-3’s and antioxidants may make green lipped mussels be thought about to some as a superfood. The nutritious worth is greater than other marine oils and these components can be beneficial for other areas of health too. (4 ).

The Benefits of Green Lipped Mussels for Dogs

The best known elements of green lipped mussels are Omega-3 fatty acids, including the fats EPA and DHA, describes Petty. “Omega-3s work by reducing the level of inflammation associated with diseases such as osteoarthritis,” Petty says. Although this is the same substance discovered in fish oil, when it comes to green lipped mussels, this is combined with other substances that also battle joint swelling and pain.

A fine example of these compounds is eicosatetraenoic acid, or ETA. “The ETA is discovered only in green lipped mussels and binds cyclooxygenase, which is an enzyme that triggers inflammation,” according to Dr. Judy Morgan, DVM, an accredited and recognized veterinary acupuncturist and food therapist who integrates holistic medicine with standard Western methods in her practice. “They also contain glucosamine, chondroitin, zinc, and magnesium, which are helpful for joint metabolism.”.

In addition, green lipped mussels have also been shown to contain glycosaminoglycans, compounds with joint protective properties, according to Petty. “A number of the other compounds in green lipped mussels such as minerals and vitamins could add to their pain-relieving homes, however more research study requires to be done,” states Petty. (5 ).

What quantity of omega-3 fatty acids are in green-lipped mussels?

1,000 mg freeze-dried green-lipped mussel powder consists of:.

  • Omega-3 EPA + DHA: 9– 28 mg
  • Omega-3 ETA: 0.3 mg

The advised day-to-day doses of green-lipped mussel for a canine that weighs 20 kilograms vary between 300 and 500 mg. It implies that a canine weighing 20 kgs gets a maximum of 15 mg omega-3 fats (ETA, EPA, DPA and DHA) from freeze-dried green-lipped mussel.

In comparison: The day-to-day dosage of Nutrolin ® HIP & & JOINT for a dog weighing 20 kg is 5 ml fish oil and 2 tablets. The fish oil consists of 1,400 mg omega-3 fats (ETA, EPA, DPA and DHA), which is nearly 100 times more than in the corresponding dose of green-lipped mussel. (6 ).

Scientific Introduction


Minimal scientific studies recommend that Perna mussel extracts may have efficacy in the treatment of illness with inflammatory parts, such as arthritis and asthma. However, conflicting trial results have actually been reported.


Minimal medical trial information are available to inform therapeutic dosing. In arthritis and asthma trials, numerous dosages from multi-ingredient commercial preparations have actually been described, making it difficult to develop dosing recommendations.


Hypersensitivity to shellfish. Usage with caution in individuals with hepatic problems.


Prevent use. Info regarding safety and efficacy in pregnancy and lactation is doing not have. Animal research studies recommend that parts of Perna extracts may have unfavorable effects on a fetus. (7 ).

Negative effects

When taken by mouth: New Zealand green-lipped mussel is POSSIBLY SAFE for many people. It can cause some adverse effects such as itching, gout, abdominal discomfort, heart burn, diarrhea, queasiness, and intestinal tract gas. In rare cases, it may cause liver issues. (8 ).

In studies, green-lipped mussel has not caused much in the method of negative effects besides occasional mild gastrointestinal distress. People with shellfish allergic reactions, however, should prevent green-lipped mussel.

Unlike oysters, green-lipped mussel does not appear to consist of heavy metals. (9 ).

Green-lipped mussel items have been typically well tolerated nevertheless possible side effects have been described. They might be following:

Cardiovascular: Fluid retention has actually been reported as an unfavorable result of green-lipped mussel usage. There is likewise a case report from a scientific study where one client in the Lyprinol treatment group suffered heart failure. The relevance of this to the treatment is unclear.

Dermatologic: According to the The Australian Rheumatism Association, skin rash is listed as a possible negative result of using Seatone green-lipped mussel extract. Itching, hives and metal taste have actually likewise been reported.

Intestinal: Stomach upset, flatulence and mild nausea are possible adverse effecst of using Seatone greenlipped mussel extract.

Liver: The Australian Rheumatism Association reported hepatitis as a possible negative impact of using Seatone green-lipped mussel extracts. Possible toxic hepatitis has been associated with Seatone in several case reports. In one scientific trial, 2 topics taking Lyprinol dropped out from the study due to nausea and irregular liver function, although causality is uncertain.

Musculoskeletal: Gout might be a possible negative effect of using Seatone green-lipped mussel extract. Of rheumatoid arthritis clients taking Seatone for 90 days, 10% reported a transient worsening of signs, although no other negative events were experienced.

Neurologic/CNS: Green-lipped mussel’s B4 analog of brevetoxin B (BTXB4), has actually been recognized as the major toxin in green-lipped mussel, and has actually been connected with neurotoxic shellfish poisoning.

Pulmonary/respiratory: Although green-lipped mussel extract has actually been proposed as an asthma treatment there is some information showing that some particular individuals may experience trouble breathing after consuming or inhaling green-lipped mussel products. Lung dysfunction and several respiratory signs have been reported in New Zealand mussel openers.

Renal: Fluid retention has been reported as an adverse effects of green-lipped mussel use.

Opposite impacts: Polioviruses have been discovered to make it through in green-lipped mussels, both in fresh mussels and in those frozen for approximately 28 days at 20 degrees Celsius which might make up a substantial public health danger.

Precautions and cautions throughout Green-lipped mussel’s products use

Use very carefully in patients taking anti-inflammatory medications. It has been suggested that green-lipped mussel might enhance not just the advantages of other anti-inflammatory drugs, but also their unfavorable results (especially intestinal upset).

Usage cautiously in clients with asthma; although green-lipped mussel has been suggested to have anti-asthmatic impacts, lung dysfunction and numerous respiratory symptoms have been reported in New Zealand mussel openers.

Prevent in clients with liver disease, due to prospective hazardous hepatitis associated with green-lipped mussel.

Prevent in clients with known allergy/hypersensitivity to green-lipped mussel or other shellfish (mollusks, crustaceans). Powdered greenlipped mussel is reported to be more allergenic than lipid extracts; allergies to gelatin (used in capsule preparations) have actually likewise been noted. (10 ).


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