The forms of career coaching

With the various forms of career coaching, you can get the most out of yourself and your profession. You should not confuse career coaching with career counseling.


Career Coaching for professional reorientation

Especially in the case of professional dissatisfaction in combination with dissatisfaction in partnership or general life, the forms of career coaching can be a step in the right direction.

It is clear that a professional reorientation always entails a holistic view of your life. You cannot think about a new job and disregard the rest of your life. Since it is about existence and your family, the connections must be recognized and worked on.


Some forms of career coaching

There are different forms of career coaching. Below you can see a small sample of them:

  • In person with a mentor
  • In digital form
  • In groups
  • With the help of AI


The personal career coaching

This one-on-one training focuses on you. A trained business coach will guide you through the entire process. It starts with preparation, followed by coaching, and ends with follow-up.

With this form of career coaching, you get the chance to review your behavior in various situations and optimize it if necessary. Raise your potentials on new pedestals and develop them further in a targeted manner. This way you will be perceived much more positively in public than before.


The digital career coaching

With the digital age, a new form of career coaching is on the horizon. You learn to present yourself to the public in a completely new way. It doesn’t matter if it’s a television appearance, a radio show or a podcast.

Since a large media variety also holds a lot of risks, you should prepare well and take your chances.


Group training for you and your team

You and your team should always be one unit. Therefore, it is important that all participants have the same goal. In the form of group training, all participants learn how to deal with a crisis interview in addition to the uniform corporate language. In this way, each individual can prepare for an emergency. Together with your team, you can then appear in public and conduct successful negotiations.

Career Coaching with AI

In this form of career coaching, it is not only you as a person who is put to the test. A very important role is also played by intelligent software, which is increasingly coming into focus.

As entrepreneurs, they are finding it increasingly difficult to find the right skilled workers. Thanks to AI software, you can have many of the associated processes automated. With the help of AI, you can find exactly the employee you are looking for and who fits into the company. With the recruiting software of, which uses artificial intelligence in your interest, you will find the desired candidate.


Find the right career consultant

Even though we have presented you here only a part of the different forms of career coaching, you will find that only coaching for the job is not enough. You need to balance your job, your family, and your free time so that you are satisfied in the long run. This satisfaction will subsequently have a positive effect on your career.

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